Our Products

The excellence of the Sicilian land

From our trees to your table

All of our products are packaged at the time of shipment to preserve the original taste and freshness.


Tenute Seidita

We are a family with a passion for good food and love for our land. We respect the Sicilian landscape and appreciate all that it offers us

Tenute Seidita is a family-run business honouring the path undertaken in the last century by our patriarch, Francesco Seidita.

Our products are safe and certified

We adhere to the following practices:
  • Reduced use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides
  • Ethical and sustainable harvesting driven by the natural fertility of the soil
  • Exclusively local production

Out of respect for our land, our staff and our customers.


Visit us and see for yourself

Experience first-hand how our olives are grown, harvested, seasoned and packaged. Stay in one of our beautiful farmhouses and explore the scenic Belice valley with its unique landscapes, beautiful beaches and flavor.