About us

One passion since 1922

Always our passion

Gioacchino Seidita

Tenute Seidita is a family-run olive oil company that was born to give more strength and concreteness to the path already undertaken by the founder Francesco Seidita in 1922.

We are located on the south-west coast of Sicily, precisely Castelvetrano, a generous land of centuries-old olive groves.

Thanks to the determination and presence of his son Gioacchino and his family, the company boasts a reality that goes well with the traditions of the area, gaining approval even abroad, and offering quality products with authentic flavors.

Experience, tradition, technology and love for our work have allowed us to create a solid reality and offer quality products from the Sicilian land.

Our origins


The founder Francesco Seidita

Founder of the company, which he followed with dedication until the end, he managed to pass on the love for the land and the passion for the cultivation of olive trees.


“It is the noblest and most ancient sentiment in Sicily, which translates into a deep and eternal bond of respect and solidarity.”
Francesco Seidita

Producing olive oil and table olives is a mission that has always been in the heart of the Seidita family…

The founder Francesco Seidita, with his example and passion, has given value to a millenary tradition. Since 1922 on the tables of people from all over Italy and many foreign countries, this love marks the every day cuisine.

Health starts with what you eat…

Representing love of life, the olive tree in its various forms is essential for a healthy and balanced life.

Luigi Pirandello tells us:

How many things will you know, you who have not yielded for three hundred or more years, oh gloomy olive tree, of the winds to the impact, and here you are standing on this solitary olive tree […] thinking back that living is foolish and that to die you profit a lot, you would not have lived three hundred years.

Among chestnut and olive trees


Love and Passion

We are a family with a love for good food and their land. We grow in respect of nature, appreciating all the good it offers us


Passion for healthy eating, dedication towards our land and work, and love for the cultivation of the olive tree continue to be our main characteristics that enable us to create quality products while maintaining supply chain certifications.

Our products are safe and certified

We adhere to the following practices:
  • Reduced use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides
  • Ethical and sustainable harvesting driven by the natural fertility of the soil
  • Exclusively local production

Out of respect for our land, our staff and our customers.


Visit us and see for yourself

Experience first-hand how our olives are grown, harvested, seasoned and packaged.

Stay in one of our beautiful farmhouses and explore the scenic Belice valley with its unique landscapes, beautiful beaches and flavor.