The Land

Honouring the olive tree and its wonderful fruits

Tenute Seidita extends over 100 hectares of olive groves immersed in the splendid Belìce valley.

At Tenute Seidita, we are continuously studying, updating, experimentation and innovating, while maintaining the traditional techniques of hand-harvesting or cold-pressing. This distinguished us and allows us to delivery quality oil and olives to our customers.

Our olive groves

Contrada Bresciana Soprana

Castelvetrano countryside

Precisely in this area stands Contrada Bresciana whose lands rich in spring water feed the cultivation of the olive tree, which has marked a millenary tradition throughout the Belìce Valley.

Contrada Campana - Caputa

Campobello di Mazara countryside

In the heart of the Selinunte territory
Contrada Campana is located a few kilometers from the urban center of Campobello di Mazara.
Immersed in the history of Selinuntina
The origin of Campobello di Mazara is linked to the city of Selinunte, following the transfer of a colony of farmers and stone cutters. This colony disappeared following the destruction of Selinunte by the Carthaginians.

Contrada Canalotto

Castelvetrano countryside

Triscina of Selinunte
Contrada Catalanotto is located on the provincial road from Castelvetrano to Triscina of Selinunte. The fertile soils, thanks to the rich spring water, are well suited to the cultivation of Nocellara del Belìce.
A continuum of the millenary history of Selinuntina
The flourishing lands of olive groves caressed by the winds typical of the area have an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the Nocellara del Belìce olive

The distribution

Available for distribution throughout Europe and overseas.

The Nocellara del Belìce, hand-picked according to the centenary tradition, have now reached all the markets worldwide.

In order to stay competitive on the international market, we are constantly innovating and improving.

Our professional service has afforded us a lasting relationship with our consumers, that is the core of our business.

Health starts with what you eat…

Representing love of life, the olive tree in its various forms is essential for a healthy and balanced life.

Luigi Pirandello tells us:

How many things will you know, you who have not yielded for three hundred or more years, oh gloomy olive tree, of the winds to the impact, and here you are standing on this solitary olive tree […] thinking back that living is foolish and that to die you profit a lot, you would not have lived three hundred years.

Among chestnut and olive trees

Our products are safe and certified

We adhere to the following practices:
  • Reduced use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides
  • Ethical and sustainable harvesting driven by the natural fertility of the soil
  • Exclusively local production

Out of respect for our land, our staff and our customers.


Visit us and see for yourself

Experience first-hand how our olives are grown, harvested, seasoned and packaged. Stay in one of our beautiful farmhouses and explore the scenic Belice valley with its unique landscapes, beautiful beaches and flavor.