The Oil Mill

Where the centenary experience meets the olive tree

The Oil Mill

The transformation of the olives is crucial for obtaining a quality oil, provided that the fruits (drupes) are healthy and harvested at the right degree of ripeness.
First of all, it is necessary that the mill has a working capacity such as to allow the transformation of the olives within a day of delivery.
The ideal temperature of the olive grove must be between 10-15 ° C, and the relative humidity must not be higher then
50-60%, in order to avoid the onset of mold or fermentation processes.

Antico frantoio Seidita

The extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of selected olives of the Nocellara del Belìce cultivar, the result of the excellent climatic conditions of the Sicilian land.


Manual harvesting and cold processing enhance its flavor and fragrance and preserve its nutritional properties, defining it as an essential element in the Mediterranean diet.

The packaging

Packaged on the production site in dark glass to guarantee the product from the negative action of light, it does not receive any filtration, but only a natural decantatio


Limited production, reserved for true connoisseurs, it stands out for its very low acidity, always less than 0.25%, i.e. less than a quarter of the maximum allowed value.
One of the oldest oil mills in the Belìce Valley

Even today, in its third generation, the Seidita company makes the profession of oil miller an authentic art mainly characterized by two factors:

  • the type of olive used, Nocellara del Belìce: dual purpose variety, unsurpassed as table olives, from which an unsurpassed extra virgin oil of particular value is obtained
  • care of all the production phases, from the selection of olives, to the milling and packaging, with the dedication that has always guaranteed a superior and constantly controlled quality.

Health starts with what you eat…

Representing love of life, the olive tree in its various forms is essential for a healthy and balanced life.

Luigi Pirandello tells us:

How many things will you know, you who have not yielded for three hundred or more years, oh gloomy olive tree, of the winds to the impact, and here you are standing on this solitary olive tree […] thinking back that living is foolish and that to die you profit a lot, you would not have lived three hundred years.

Among chestnut and olive trees

Our products are safe and certified

We adhere to the following practices:
  • Reduced use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides
  • Ethical and sustainable harvesting driven by the natural fertility of the soil
  • Exclusively local production

Out of respect for our land, our staff and our customers.


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